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At the heart of the work is the notion of act and the idea of the artist's true commitment. 


To write. To Play. To dance. To living, like celebrating, as a path of knowledge that can invite transformation and transcendence.


To do it without a net, like a poet whose act of creation is driven by necessity. Finding a truth "naked",  which has not to do with taking off one's clothes but with  a form of authenticity. 

I seek transgression in movement, the expression of vital force in its most erupting state.  I view human material as a process of alchemy. First the lead emerges, the raw material, I seek the path which will allow the light and the force of the momentum to be awakened. Together with the performer I propose to direct us towards an artistic gesture which has the dimension of an alchemical act. Each project is a passage, an opportunity to evolve.


My work is against resentment. It celebrates the power of life, its innate joy.  It is like a journey, an inner quest which allows the being to express themselves, to know themselves better,  to hatch and break free. 


I am interested in the emergence of creative life, the mystery of creation and art, the power of beauty. I work on an art which celebrates the invisible and the irrational at the heart of the visible, which undoes illusions, leads us towards a field of openness and possibilities which goes beyond thought.


Theater, performance, dance, art and writing are linked in my work beyond the categorizations that separate them. I feel linked to theater for the power of the creative word, for the magnified quality of the human presence and for the invitation to a transcendent dimension, to performance as an art of gesture and authentic act and as plastic and aesthetic potential, to dance for the spontaneity of movement which connects directly to the living, to art as an opportunity to express inner visions, to writing as a poetic art of connecting to truth through words. 

Stephanie Lupo. 

All rights reserved.



 Why do we sacrifice so much energy to our art? To fulfill ourselves. To mature, to grow, to discover the richness of our unique and singular nature.

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