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The individual and the community


    “But why on earth, you will certainly ask, must man through all means reach a higher consciousness?” With this question you hit the center of the problem and the answer is not easy for me. » Jung.Soul and life


Many thinkers of the 20th century, inspired in particular by advances in the sciences concerned with the evolution of the human being (psychology, philosophy, tradition, art) seem to go in the direction of the postulate that all evils, obstacles, difficulties, stagnation, in individual life as in the collective sphere are the result of a lack of Consciousness. Many agree that any change before being reflected in society must concern the individual.


“What nations do,” writes Jung in an article entitled The Individual and the Community, “each individual also does. Only modifications in the deep attitude of individuals can be at the origin of changes in the psychology of the nation, (…) We are in what is most private and most subjective of our lives, not only the victims but also the artisans of our time. Our time: it’s us”


“The revolution should take place in the mind”, affirmed J. Krishnamurti


“Change in society is of secondary importance, when the individual changes in his psyche, the world will change.”


Following this movement and developing this thought in his own way, Alejandro Jodorowski speaks of healing through art.  “An art that does not heal is not true,” he said. It evokes the notion  of poetic and theatrical act, as an alchemical instrument and process of transformation in which the being frees itself from the social mask to rejoin its true nature, what it qualifies as essential being.


Grotowsky spoke of a total act, of giving oneself as one gives oneself in love.

Julian Beck envisaged art as a place where “revelation” can take place, “the actor as creator, making a sound of life”.

“The actor lives in a ritual,” says Kristan Lupa. “He is a magician.”

If we do not consider stage art as a world apart, and actors as professionals but as enlightened creative beings, we no longer envisage the work of stage creation or performatie as a place of formation of isolated prototypes made to fit into sclerotic patterns, but as living representatives of bits of humanity engaged on a path of knowledge, expression and transmission through a symbolic language with cathartic and regenerative power.


Each individual, bearer of a unique story, is in this perspective also bearer of a unique project to accomplish in his or her life. In the oscillation between the originality of his individual self envisaged both as past and as potentiality to come, he models through his artistic expression the consciousness of the being of the future.


Theater as knowledge of being

We believe that knowing yourself is the most beautiful adventure worth trying. “The purpose of life is love and self-knowledge.” Research through creation staged and performative proves to be a privileged tool for this.

A conscious creative artist

The artistic being is one who advances on a path of knowledge by creating in the present of a life where art is not separated from the living, but where it is the expression of it. Awareness of oneself, of one's potential, of one's goal, of one's destination, of one's past, of one's burden, of one's limits, the goal is to work to develop one's own consciousness, in giving, opening and sharing.


Dare the truth

In a time where lies and ordinary violence govern our lives, art must not procrastinate on its potential for truth. While recent decades have strived to annihilate the power of action of words vectors of life (love, hope, truth, beauty, divinity, sacred...), today's art must fully assume itself as a place not perverted by consumption and the economic and political logic of annihilation and brutalization imposed by the reign of a power subject to finance. As creators we propose to work as the protagonists of a living and moving work, focused on the interior life of the being, which offering itself in the truth of its person, is a mirror of the treasure of life .


Liberated life

We believe that the development of individual consciousness is a path towards an increase in collective consciousness, and that the artist, through his will which pushes him to get rid of the conflict through the act of creation, can assume a role of vector. We believe in the creative artist who, through tenacious, continuous, intense efforts, opens paths of liberation.


A positive path through art

We wish to engage in a positive path through art, which impacts life which is not separated from art. We believe that it is a process which enjoins one to die to oneself and to be reborn, transfigured, without defining oneself according to schemas or categorizing frameworks, but as a creative power where the barriers fade between the individual and the universal, the private and the social, the intimate and the collective, the human and the divine.


Authentic act and liberation movement

We believe that every authentic artistic gesture is born from a deep desire for liberation, and that any act, however insignificant it may seem, influences the entire world.


Joy without an object

The time of sacrifice must be overcome because it maintains the paradox of the artist, agent of liberation and at the same time prisoner from the point of view of its realization. We believe that the struggle must be transformed into a movement of uninterrupted evidence, a vector of openness and joy.





   "We are tired of scientific specialization and rationalist intellectualism. We want to hear about a truth which does not shrink but broadens, which does not obscure but enlightens, which does not slip over being like "water but seizes it and penetrates it to the marrow".

C.G Jung, The soul and life






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