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The naked act

"Art is a place for strugling and revelation, of sharing for an access to some essential and hidden dimension of human being. I believe this process consists of accomplishing acts. These acts should reveal new territories of life. They show all aspects of human beings, both highlights and shadows. They stand at the boundaries between art and life, they stand on a so called transgressive path. I see my work as artistic and ethic project, attempts to construct in falling and loss. I call it -the naked act-."

"Art is a place of revelations and the struggle to access hidden dimensions of being and the world. A quest at the frontiers. Attempts to build in the fall and in the random loss of series that emerge from life . I believe its process consists of actions. They stand on a transgressive line. They should be able to show everything. Reveal new territories of life."



“Each figure bursts and vibrates alone”,


wrote Barthes in hisFragment of a loving speech.


Breaking of speech, voice of the incontemporaneous, that is to say intractable, (…) its active principle is not so much to be found in what it says as in what it articulates”


The poetic work is denudation, communication to others of what is the reason for living. »



The dream is linked to one extreme, it requires all extremities.


Fight, go, flee. Die of what you know. Don't let your dream turn into a corpse. Take the path to the waterfall. Give him your dream to wash.  (…)


THE NUDE ACT, the title came to me as I took off my clothes facing the mountains. It would be necessary to speak a word that could be said to be true, to carry out an action without detours. We should get rid of everything that is not necessary. A full presence would be enough. 


Perspective of love in creation and in encounter.


- Have nothing. Do without anything. The opposite of complaining, of waiting. No better time. No other means. Of the present, the intimate key, You who hold it. Traveler of desires. To the point of unbearability. Hold. Nothing. Than the brutality of the conflict. The tearing. Prove it. Today. Tomorrow, you don't know anything. Moving away, extracting yourself, From organized, segmented time, Which you did not choose, which is not yours. Your landscape. Your true face. Longer and longer. Further and further. Live the life you dreamed of


- What's left ?

- The Act, in its nudity."



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