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"At the heart of the work is the notion of authentic act and presence. The idea of the actor's commitment, on the border of the person he really is. Through the sensitive experience of the set, exploring the essential, free, creative being, who in daily life waits buried, conditioned. Undoing the masks, dissolving them, depositing the raw and confused matter: Niegrida. Lead into gold. Transform. Write for the stage. Take the speech. Pushing writing and acting out of their hinges. Finding a raw, "naked" truth, which has not to do with taking off one's clothes but with a face to face with oneself. The game, and also sincerity. An act of conscience. Playing. Performing. Doing it without a net, like a poet whose speaking in public is driven by necessity. Transgressing the written word, rediscover the living movement which animated the author and decipher the invisible territory which he then tried to embrace. Making perceptible, sensitive, visible, a greater, more intimate or subtle reality. In a world where the sacred human face is disfigured, reconnect with inner strength as a movement of liberation. Work to restore beauty and dignity to humans.

In public, in front of witnesses, question the meaning of one's presence and actions. An ordeal that is experienced live and offered to share. The actor who has nowhere to hide. Here and now, dissolution of vile matter, of the past, getting dirty, at the same time cleaning: the inner temple, seat of the crumbled and crumbling soul. The work is about speaking in a sense that explores extremities. I expect the actor to be carried by a light that he recognizes in an external principle, to illuminate himself from within, and to become the incarnation of a movement of openness, clarity, freedom. Transgression in the liberation movement through action, which involves both the body and speech. To speak, to play, to carry out a necessary and true act, through an awakened creative euphoria, a sort of state of awakening that the actor-performer seeks to touch. Against resentment and darkness, in a quest that refuses compromise, celebrate life. Through act and presence, contribute to reveal, enlighten.

“The Actressor as creator” wrote Julian Beck: “the curtain rises, the word is spoken, the forbidden is revealed, the silence of the page broken: the Actressors make a sound of life”.

Stephanie Lupo

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